"Technical report" issued on Montenegrin affair

A Montenegrin parliament committee set up to shed light on an affair involving the ruling party failed to agree whether any political abuse took place.

Source: Tanjug

On Wednesday, the committee only issued a technical report about the case.

The affair, dubbed "Recording" ("Snimak"), is related to the disclosure of recordings of meetings of officials of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), in which they allegedly discussed the use of state resources for partisan purposes - that is, allocating jobs according to party affiliation ahead of last year's parliamentary elections.

The committee heard statements given by several state and DPS officials, including PM and DPS leader Milo Đukanović, and they all denied the allegations that members of the ruling party benefited from favoritism.

Chairman of the Committee Koča Pavlović from the opposition Democratic Front said that the work of the body showed that there were political abuses in Montenegro and accused the ruling coalition parties of using all means at their disposal to undermine the committee's work.

This is true "since they have not shown any desire to investigate the affair to the end," he said.

Popović added that if the Montenegrin parliament adopted the technical report, "an adequate political response of the Democratic Front" would follow.

Representative of the DPS in the committee Milutin Simović said that the work of the body showed that there was no abuse and discrimination in employment along partisan lines.

Deputy Chief State Prosecutor of Montenegro Veselin Vučković said earlier that an "investigative procedure" had also been initiated, adding that the probe into the case "will not last forever."


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