Bosnia undergoing "18 years of planned crisis"

"A planned crisis" has been taking place in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the past 18 years, historian Čedomir Antić has said.

Source: Tanjug, RTRS

Speaking for the Serb Republic (RS) public broadcaster RTRS, he commented on the political situation, to say that he thought Bosnia was at this point "facing a choice":

"It can become a confederation of three or two entities, based on an agreement of the three peoples. If that is impossible to arrive at, if the original Dayton cannot be kept, then it's best to divorce."

Speaking about the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which is to be marked in that town next year, Antić said it will be a revisionist attempt related to the history of the First World War.

"The First World War did not start in Sarajevo - it started when Germany declared war on Russia, and attacked Belgium. The war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia did not start in Sarajevo - it started when Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia," he explained.

As for the assassin, Gavrilo Princip, Antić noted that he was a Yugoslav nationalist, who fought for the liberation of the South Slavic (Yugoslav) peoples.

"If Bosniaks (Muslims) persevere in their intention to once again raise a monument to Franz Ferdinand, they will become the first European people that have built a monument to their colonizer," this historian warned, in reference to the fact that the territory of today's Bosnia was in 1908 annexed by Austria-Hungary.


Romania to observe day of mourning

Romanian PM Victor Ponta has said that his government will declare Wednesday a day of mourning after 18 Romanians died in a bus crash in Montenegro.

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