RS parliament: Bosnian conflict was civil war

The parliament of Serb Republic RS), the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has adopted a declaration on the 1992-95 war in that country.

Source: Tanjug

The declaration on the causes, nature and consequences of the tragic conflict "strongly condemns and rejects all calls for the dissolution of RS and challenging its name and existence."

The declaration says that the war in Bosnia, as part of the dismemberment of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, was caused by the outvoting of Serbs in that then Yugoslav federal republic, and that, based on scientific, expert and historical criteria and standards, it had characteristics of a civil war with certain inter-ethnic features, and that there was a high level of involvement of international factors.

The document whose adoption was initiated by the War Veterans Organization of the RS also criticizes the Hague Tribunal and expresses dissatisfaction with the Court and the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina for not prosecuting war crimes against Serbs.

The declaration also calls for a revision of war crimes judgments under the Criminal Code of Bosnia-Herzegovina from 2003.

The RS parliament urged both entities in Bosnia - the other being the Muslim (Bosnak)-Croat Federation, and all three constitutive peoples and others in the country "to foster and intensify dialogue, based on facts and mutual respect, in order to qualify the nature, content and consequences of the tragic war."


Romania to observe day of mourning

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