RS PM: Bosnia is impossible mission and country

Serb Republic (RS) Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović says cooperation between Serbia and the Serb entity in Bosnia was good in all areas.

Source: Tanjug

The Brussels agreement could "open a new dimension" in the whole region, she said.

"I believe every decision by the Serbian authorities is in the people's interest and for their benefit," Cvijanović told Tanjug commenting on the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Priština.

It is possible that the Brussels agreement, as "a complicated story, will open a new dimension in RS and the whole region and that it is unknown if the agreement is the start or the end of some process," she stated.

It is possible that the whole region will start "breathing with a fresh pair of lungs, having different aspirations, and it is possible that it will cause new aspirations in some other neuralgic places in the region," she said.

The cooperation between Serbia and RS is good on all fronts and cannot be undermined by changes in power, which is something both sides agree on, because everyone understands the importance of those relations, she pointed out.

"The most natural connection there can be is the one between RS and Serbia. The relations are good in both the institutional and personal sense," Cvijanović remarked.

The deadlines for holding a joint meeting of the two governments and the council for monitoring the agreement on special and parallel ties between RS and Serbia will be moved slightly, because Serbia is dealing with certain priorities, she noted.

Commenting on the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, she said it was a country of absurdity that constantly displayed a lack of capacity to function.

As an example, she pointed out that Bosnia-Herzegovina was unable to adopt a law on national identification numbers for its citizens.

"Bosnia-Herzegovina shows lack of capacity in every aspect and that is a reality we must take into account, so that it helps us improve the capacity of RS," she said.

"There are many examples that, once brought to the practical level, show that Bosnia-Herzegovina is an impossible mission and country, " the RS premier was quoted as saying.


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