“Bosnia can’t joint NATO without RS’ consent”

Republic of Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik has stated that Bosnia-Herzegovina cannot join NATO without the Serb entity’s consent.

Source: Beta, Politika

“I am probably considered an opponent of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s NATO accession in the West and maybe I should be careful whether I should take a plane when I go somewhere. I have to think whether something is going to happen to me,” he told Belgrade-based daily Politika.

Dodik explained that the RS had a problem with NATO because the Alliance had bombed it.

He noted that he did not lead an anti-NATO policy but that he believed that the RS citizens should decide on a possible NATO accession at a referendum.

“I am not ready to ignore the people. If the people go to the referendum and say they want to join NATO, I will sign any decision that will lead us toward NATO but if the people do not want to joint NATO, I will not go against them,” the RS president pointed out.

He said that the RS “is not ready to bring anything into the project of unitary Bosnia-Herzegovina because it does not believe in such Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

“I am not ready to dissolve the Dayton Accords and this is why I am (U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip) Reeker’s problem,” Dodik explained.

He underscored that Bosnia-Herzegovina had nine powers according to the Dayton Accords but that the international factors had given her 83 powers and employed 22,000 civil servants, adding that the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ) administration had had the same number of employees at the time of breakup.

“This is a monster that we economically cannot support,” Dodik said and noted that Bosnia-Herzegovina was a “devil’s country” in which there was no democracy and where anyone who stood up to such ideas was criminalized in media.


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