Montenegrin politician criticizes Bosnian official

Nebojsa Medojević has asked Valentin Inzko to question Bakir Izetbegović over his statement that Bosniak Party (BS) should enter a new government of Montenegro.

Source: Tanjug

The leader of the opposition Movement for Changes (PzP) met with Inzko, who serves as high international representative in Bosnia, while both were in Berlin.

Medojević protested over what he said was meddling in internal affairs of Montenegro, perpetrated by Izetbegović.

Izetbegović, Chairman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency, made the controversial statement during a recent visit to Montenegro. Other political parties in the country also saw it as interference in its internal matters.

Medojević previously stated that Izetbegović had allegedly “received millions” from the current Montenegrin authorities to egg the Bosniak Party on to try and re-enter the Montenegrin government, after the parliamentary elections held on October 14.


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