RS leader wants Bosnia's army disbanded

The president of the Serb entity in Bosnia will on Monday ask for the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina to be disbanded and the country demilitarized.

Source: Beta

Milorad Dodik told reporters on Friday to say that the RS would make the proposal to the other entity - the Muslim-Croat Federation (FBiH) - in its capacity as a contractual party, and in order to amend an agreement between the two entities that concerns the army, in such a way that would abolish the provisions related to the existence of Bosnia's military.

If the Serb Republic (RS) assembly in Banja Luka adopts his initiative, Dodik said he would then ask for the FBiH assembly to do the same. The process would conclude in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina, that would vote to change the Law on the Army in accordance with a deal that would be reached between the entities.

Dodik explained that is initiative came in order to save money, and described the existence of the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina - set up in 2006 - as having brought "no progress" to the country, at the same time costing it 2.1 billion convertible marks - 654 million of which came from the budget of the Serb entity.

"It is unnecessary for us to be giving that money, and we do not wish to be giving some 600 million, " the president said, adding that the RS in return "gained no additional security, especially when it comes to the economy".

The existence of the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina opened up another issue, that of military property, Dodik continued, and proposed to solve that as well by abolishing the military.

"We are not in favor of NATO. The RS does not wish to any longer support the procedures for joining that alliance," - this was another message Dodik sent on Friday.

He believes that the armed forces should not even have units trained take part in rescue operations during natural disasters, saying that "failures of such operations have been witnessed, bringing no benefit to Bosnia-Herzegovina".

Dodik also sought to reassure the members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina by saying that they would find new employment in civilians services.


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