"Croatia won’t block Serbian integration"

Croatian President Stjepan Mesić says that once Croatia joins the European Union, it will support the entrance of Serbia as well.

Source: Blic

"Croatia will not block the European path of any regional country in any way, because it honestly believes that the inclusion of the entire region in the EU is in its strategic interest," Mesić told Belgrade daily Blic.

He said that "it goes without saying" that every candidate country must fulfill all obligations and criteria and adopt all European standards before it can be accepted into the union.

As far as relations between Croatia and Serbia are concerned, Mesić said they were "not as good as they could and should be", not only in the interest of the two countries, but of the entire region.

Mesić said that problems in relations occurred after Croatia recognized Kosovo Albanians unilateral independence declaration.

“We are one of 63 countries that did this. I do not see any point in resenting only us and to have relations between Zagreb and Belgrade become a hostage of one move that did nothing but recognize the new reality in Southeast Europe,” according to Mesić.

He went on to recommend to Belgrade to “de-Kosovize” its policies, adding that while making that comment, he "does not mean any harm to Serbia".

“I have said it many times that not one can or should force Serbia to recognize Kosovo. That is up to the officials in Belgrade. But, I said that with time, whether they like it or not, the need for establishing communication between Serbia and Kosovo will be imposed, because of the Serbs who live in Kosovo as well,” Mesić said.


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