Zagreb: NATO logo morphs into swastika

An animated picture of the NATO logo morphed into a Nazi swastika during a presentation given by Croatia's military envoy to the western alliance.

Source: Jutarnji list

The conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia, local daily Jutarnji List writes, and says that Gen. Drago Lovrić was speaking in front of some 200 military attaches, diplomats and members of armed forces.

The GIF image was apparently downloaded from the internet and used in the presentation file, while the newspaper suggests that "some hacker probably infected the alliance's logo with a virus".

The incident happened as Lovrić was speaking, with two screens behind his back, one projecting his photograph, the other the presentation.

At one point, the NATO logo, which was used as the background, started turning into a swastika, but the general was apparently oblivious to what was happening, as were most of those present in the room, says Jutarnji List.

The animation continued to go back and forth between the logo and the swastika until Lovrić moved on to the next page.

"Beside a few high-ranking guests, the scandal was also noted by military police members and IT personnel," writes the newspaper.

"However, no one was willing to interrupt the presentation, because it was obvious that most of those present did not notice what was happening. After some 30 minutes, the panel discussion was over."

An investigation has been ordered of this "very unpleasant situation", says the daily, and adds that Croatian Ministry of Defense spokesman Goran Grošinić confirmed that the incident did take place, and that Lovrić stated that there was "absolutely no intention on the part of anyone who prepared the presentation for it to happen".

Instead, the Croatian general believes that the animation was "an indirect consequence of virus infections of NATO logos".


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