Banned “gay video” aires on Croatian television

A public service announcement showing a kiss between two men which was banned was finally aired on Croatian television yesterday.

Source: FoNet

The video “Protect every kiss” which was produced by a German film academy in an anti-violence campaign, was aired by Croatian Television (HTV) editor Aleksandar Stanković.

The video was first offered by the Queer Association, but was rejected by HTV because the television deemed that it showed an explicit kiss between two men.

The HTV council did promise to the Croatian gay association, however, that all sides will be heard in a program focusing on violence against homosexuals.

The topic of the show in which the video was aired dealt with homosexuality, the rights of gays, the Church, and political messages coming from the altar.

Stanković’s guest Ivica Šola said that the Zagreb Gay Pride Parade, held over the weekend, and similar campaigns in this country are promoting ideas “without tradition”, which "the average citizens can find confusing and irritating".

He said that Croatian gays are acting very “in a Balkan manner”, as opposed to European homosexuals who achieved their rights through an already established cultural background.

Šola pointed to the paradox that the same people who most support gay marriages are the same groups that consider marriage itself to be an obsolete, unnecessary institution.

In regards to the video, he said that he is against all censorship "as it leads nowhere".

Speaking of the position of the Catholic Church in the contemporary world, he said that “Catholicism is the only societal prejudice that is allowed today.”

He said that homosexuality of priests, which some statistics shown to be as high as 30 percent, is a serious problem for the Church, stating that it is "obviously a case of people who joined with motives that had nothing to do with faith".

The church is in a stalemate position, because it cannot kick out such people and risk being labeled as homophobic, but it cannot tolerate them either and risk being labeled hypocritical, Šola concluded.


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