Furor over defaced Greek flag in Macedonia

Greece has strongly condemned the appearance of offensive billboards featuring its flag in neighboring Macedonia.

Source: Tanjug

Billboards have been put up in Skopje displaying Greek flags with a swastika replacing the white cross.

“This is an unacceptable poster which has been made public by a private initiative and presented on the streets of Skopje. It directly offends the national symbol of our country and our fight against fascism and Nazism,” Greek Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jorgos Koumoutsakos said.

He added that Greek officials will send a very stern protest to the Macedonian foreign ministry and call for the removal of the billboards.

“This incident shows that those who invest in chauvinism and fanaticism are making a big mistake, and confirms the correctness of the Greek stance, concretely, that in order to create relations of solidarity, practices of good neighborly relations between the countries and people need to be respected,” he said.

Shots of the billboards were shown on almost every Greek news show on television last night.

Greece has been involved in long-standing dispute with Macedonia over the country’s official name,and has recently threatened to block its NATO membership.

Skopje insists that the country is called Macedonia, while Athens claims that much of the geographical territory known as Macedonia lies in - Greece.


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