Slovenian party opposes Kosovo independence

The Slovenian National Party (SNS) has demanded that Slovenia recognize Kosovo as an integral part of Serbia.

Source: B92

The Slovenian opposition party stated that Ljubljana should distance itself from meddling in the Kosovo status process and leave that problem to those who created it.

In a statement released yesterday, the party stated that Slovenia should not rush into recognizing Kosovo independence, because it would then be repeating policy mistakes of old which it cites as being the reasons for the country’s poor economic performance in certain parts of the western Balkans, especially Serbia.

“The leading positions have been taken by other European countries, led by the Austrians, Italians, Greeks and others, and our economy has suffered because of it,” the party stated.

The SNS added that it was worried about the pressure being exerted on Slovenia to be the first country to recognize Kosovo independence.

“The pressure coming mainly from the U.S. gives the impression that Slovenia, as a country, is dependent, is completely under the influence of foreign political powers, and is incapable of taking its own independent decisions,” the SNS stated.


Dodik opposes Bonn Powers

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Region Friday, February 29, 2008 13:06 Comments: 5
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