Mesić slams Serbia's Kosovo policy

Belgrade is not doing itself any favors by urging Kosovo Serbs not to participate in local institutions, says Stjepan Mesić.

Source: Tanjug

The Croatian president directed his comments at Kosovo Serbs to whom “a grain of power” was more important that “a handful of rights”, and said that they had to enter executive institutions as they could achieve nothing “by expecting Belgrade to solve everything.”

Mesić said that the dangers of Kosovo independence were exaggerated, as it was “necessary to resolve the province’s status which, like Vojvodina, did not have nation status in Yugoslavia because of its ties with Serbia.” He said that the federation was no more, and that Serbia could not enjoy the rights it used to have.

The Croatian president deemed that the problem had been the mistaken assumption on the part of Slobodan Milošević who had wished to drive out two million Albanians from Kosovo, expecting that Europe would look to him to clamp down on the Albanians. However, NATO stepped in.

Speaking of Bosnia-Hercegovina, he said that her citizens had chosen a European path which could not be achieved if its entities continued to seek statehood and form states within states.

The country needed to adopt new mechanisms that would correspond to European institutions, and which include extension of the Dayton Accords, and new constitutional acts, said Mesić.


Kosovo to test Slovenia leaders

Sixteen years after independence, Slovenia takes up the presidency of the EU, offering to act as a bridge with the Balkans.

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