Macedonia fears ANA on its territory

Masked gunmen checking vehicles have appeared in northern Macedonia, reports say.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Armed persons wearing uniforms without any insignia have been stopping vehicles and checking passengers in the region of the villages of Brodec, Bozovce and Sipkovica, in the municipality of Tetovo in northern Macedonia, for the past two nights, Albanian language media in Skopje reported on Wednesday.

An unidentified representative of the Macedonian Interior Ministry confirmed Wednesday that the ministry was informed by citizens about the presence of persons in uniforms on the Tetovo-Jazince road, adding that the authorities in Skopje are "concerned" over the development.

Due to the appearance of armed persons, suspected by media of being members of the Albanian National Army (ANA), police forces and OSCE observers have been stationed in the area of the Tetovo Malesija.

ANA is an armed group gathering ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, which the UN administration in that province designated terrorist.

In late September, President Boris Tadić warned during a UN General Assembly session in New York, that Belgrade had information about terrorist activity in that area of Macedonia.


RS parliament on Lajčak measures

The emergency session of the RS parliament to consider the steps taken by the high representative continues today.

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