RS parliament on Lajčak measures

The emergency session of the RS parliament to consider the steps taken by the high representative continues today.

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The session, where the parliament is expected to adopt a position on the decisions of Miroslav Lajčak, was adjourned last night, and will continue today.

Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik proposed adopting a conclusion whereby the high representative’s measures would be declared unacceptable and in contravention of the Dayton Accords and the Bosnian Constitution.

During last night’s lengthy session, almost every Serb party put forward a conclusion proposal, and Parliamentary Speaker Igor Radojičić had to adjourn the session so that positions could be agreed upon overnight, so that a single text could be formulated in response to Lajčak’s measures.

The most significant proposals involved passing a resolution demanding that the high representative be stripped of the Bonn Powers, and a declaration calling for the return of the RS’ former competencies.

Dodik informed MPs of the government’s position vis-a-vis Lajčak’s decision, and proposed that parliament declare them an unacceptable act of breaching the Dayton Accords and the Constitution. The prime minister hopes that parliament will assume a final position prior to today’s session of the Council of the Application of Peace Parliamentary Committee in Sarajevo.

“We do not accept Lajčak’s imposed solutions, they must be withdrawn and amended. Some explanations could serve as a basis for supplementing these decisions, but they have to have a normative, not explanatory, character,“ he said.

Nebojša Radmanović, a member of the Bosnian presidency and an MP in Dodik’s Party of Independent Social Democrats, said that everyone was waiting for the aforementioned Parliamentary Committee session, as they could rule that Lajčak's decision was wrong, “just as we feel it was,“ he said.

The high representative’s office has sent a warning, saying that if the RS continues to stir up tension over Lajčak’s measures, the RS leadership will be held responsible for the situation and its consequences.

Also Monday in Banja Luka, Dodik said that the time should come for High Representative Miroslav Lajčak to cease imposing decisions in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"Even if there were justification for such a thing after the end of the war and after signing the Dayton agreement, such a practice is not good today and cannot contribute to the long-term stabilization of relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina," Dodik said after a meeting with the special envoy for the Western Balkans at the Council for the Practice of Peace, Antonio Tanger.

Tanger said that the Declaration on Assuming Responsibility for the Implementation of Police Reforms was an important step on Bosnia-Herzegovina's road toward the EU, adding that Bosnia-Herzegovina could take this road by reforming the Constitution.

In Banja Luka, Dodik also held a separate meeting with the British ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Matthew Rycroft.

According to an announcement after the meeting, Dodik conveyed to Rycroft the stand that he could not accept Lajčak's decisions, which were not in accordance with democratic principles and did not respect the basic rights of the constitutive peoples.

Dodik also conveyed to the British ambassador the clear stance of the government of Republika Srpska in favor of European integration, and said that the signing of the Declaration in Mostar on Oct. 28 was a positive step.


EC reports on western Balkans

Corruption, crime and ethnic tension stand in the way of reforms in the western Balkans, according to the European Commission (EC).

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RS assembly rejects Lajčak measures

The Republic of Srpska assembly yesterday rejected the measures instituted by High Representative to Bosnia Miroslav Lajčak.

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