Telekom Austria gets third license in Macedonia

The Telekom Austria Group has obtained the third mobile license for the Republic of Macedonia.

Source: Mobile Europe

The Telekom Austria Group won the transparent tender, and within the set deadline paid EUR 10mn for a 10-year GSM 900/1800 license which, after expiration, will be automatically extended for another 10 years.

“With this investment, the Telekom Austria Group is making a significant contribution to the further liberalization and development of the Macedonian telecommunication market.”

“In addition, with the adoption and implementation of regulations in line with EU standards, the Telekom Austria Group will provide the basis for the improvement of telecommunication services in the Republic of Macedonia, and for a healthy and strong competition to benefit both the customers and the country,” stated Boris Nemsic, CEO of the Telekom Austria Group.

“Based on our year-long experience and good track record in this region, we know how to develop the Macedonian market. We plan to invest EUR 70 million and to employ up to 200 leading domestic experts. I am happy to announce that we will start with job announcements this week. Our target is to become the best telecommunication operator in the Republic of Macedonia, offering customers the best services at the best price, in line with their needs,” Boris Nemsic stressed.

In order to meet the conditions set by the Agency for Electronic Communications, during the initial roll out, the Telekom Austria Group will rely on the existing Macedonian public telecommunication networks in addition to building its own network.


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