Mandić: "Djukanović violated the Constitution, he will be dismissed"

President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanović, violated the Constitution when carrying out actions in the process of electing a new government, says Andrija Mandić.

Source: Tanjug

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front states that this is why all the MPs of the parliamentary majority from the election on August 30, 2020 signed the initiative to dismiss Djukanović and that the process will soon follow.

Mandić points out that it was undoubtedly established that there is a clear majority in the Parliament of Montenegro that proposed a mandate for the composition of the new government and points out that Djukanović was obliged by the Constitution to invite representatives of all parties represented in the Assembly to consultations on the mandate for the composition of the new government, but that he didn't do it.

"Violence and unconstitutional behavior of the president cannot be tolerated, especially since it is not only a violation of the Constitution, but also a criminal act of abuse of official duty," said Mandic in an interview with "Novosti".

He claims that the president misused his office to achieve his own and his policy's benefit, and against Montenegro and its citizens, violating the Constitution and laws, which is prohibited and punishable, and says that the right place to impose the punishment is the Parliament of Montenegro.

When asked whether the URA gave signatures for Miodrag Lekić as a representative or not, Mandić said that the URA signed everything that the other parties of the parliamentary majority signed.

He explained that first they all signed a political agreement in which they pledged to form a new government after the fall of Dritan Abazović's cabinet and that no one would make any arrangements with Djukanović's party.

"Then we decided to inform the public individually, and confirmed with signatures, that Lekić is our candidate for the prime minister-designate, and finally, everyone signed and put in the parliamentary procedure the initiative to remove Djukanović for violating the Constitution," said Mandić.

He mentioned that according to the Constitution, signatures for the mandate are not mandatory, but that they also attached them to Djukanović, who, as he says, ignores it, trying to cause a crisis, thinking that he will get some benefit from it.

Mandic said that it is not difficult to conclude how the president who tries to dissolve the Assembly contrary to the Constitution will end up.

"We will not allow Djukanović to overthrow the Parliament, but we will protect the country from his destructive and unconstitutional behavior by using the right given to the Parliament by the Constitution to dismiss the President of Montenegro," said Mandić.


Milo keeps silent

President of Montenegro did not comment on the composition of the Government, after the leader of Demos, Miodrag Lekić, secured support of assembly's majority.

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