Bosnia: Bakir's wife enters politics

Sebija Izetbegovic, the wife of Bakir Izetbegovic, is a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).

(screenshot/YouTube/Hayat TV BiH)
(screenshot/YouTube/Hayat TV BiH)

Bakir Izetbegovic is the leader of the SDA party and currently the Bosniak (Muslim) representative in the tripartite Presidency of BiH.

Sebija Izetbegovic spoke during an SDA campaign gathering in central Sarajevo to say she is "not a professional politician - but will become one, God willing."

According to BiH-based website, she also reminded those in attendance that "everyone knows her well already, knows for how long she has been fighting, and that the SDA is her only party."

"I have been in the SDA practically my whole life. I became a member the moment the SDA came to exist. I will always be on the side of good and that will always be the SDA, God willing. People dream, God decides. They have been attacking me, dedicating more than 1,500 pages of horrifying and lying articles to me. Yet look at me, they profiled me and led me to here, to be a candidate," Izetbegovic said.

She said that she knows people who have left the party to establish new ones "because they did not get what they wanted."

"Let them. Thank God they left. I know them and I must say it is real abuse when any of them say that rahmetli (late) Alija Izetbegovic would vote for them. God forbid. Alija would always vote for those who are honorable and honest," Izetbegovic said, referring to her husband's father.

She also said that the SDA election lists feature people who will never put their personal interest above the interests of the state.

"Give us all levers of power to move BiH forward. Don't calculate and don't fall for the stories of others. Nobody but Sefik Dzaferovic in the Presidency of BiH," Izetbegovic said, referring to SDA's candidate for the position.

To those who intend to vote for her in October elections, she told to "immediately afterwards roll up their sleeves, and get ready to work all day."

"Order, work, and discipline. And BiH's progress, God willing. They write that I own some kind of necklace, some jackets and bags. None of you are blind. You all know who has those. But when I put on a suit and high heels, that's victory. 100 percent," Sebija Izetbegovic concluded.


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