Rama: It's unprecedented, Serbia turned out a victim

Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, regarding Pristina's accusations against Miroslav Lajcak, said that these are things that "leave you speechless".

Source: Kosovo online
EPA-EFE Valdrin Xhemaj
EPA-EFE Valdrin Xhemaj

According to him, such moves cause more damage, instead of improving the situation, stating that the path chosen by Albin Kurti is not the path that leads to the goal.

In an interview with ABC News, Rama said that Pristina's approach helps Serbia because, according to him, Serbia is becoming a victim in the eyes of the entire international community and friends and partners of the so-called Kosovo.

"The reaction of Prime Minister Kurti a few days ago was unprecedented. I don't remember a similar case, that the high representative of Kosovo directly accuses the EU representative and says that he sent a letter of complaint to the officials, Scholz and Macron. These are things that leave you speechless and additionally harm the position they are supposedly trying to fix, because the conspiracy theories about the cooperation you allegedly revealed between Serbia and the EU special envoy are not something that is advisable to do," said Rama.

He does not doubt, he says, Kurti's desire to do the best for the so-called Kosovo, but great desire and good will are never enough, a strategic vision is needed to achieve the goal, which he does not see here.

To the statement that it is a bit paradoxical that Albania presides over the Security Council, but is powerless to influence Pristina, Rama replies that he does not want to influence Pristina, because there is a government that arises from the will of the people, and it has the responsibility to lead the so-called Kosovo and choose the path to the goal.

"The bottom line is that we think the path they have chosen does not lead to the achievement of that goal but leads to a collision with the US and the EU. This is sad, but I believe it is temporary," said Rama. For him, it is certain that this does not bring the desired result for the so-called Kosovo, which is the completion of the normalization process, and then the exit from the "recognition impasse", primarily among the EU countries.

"This is also the goal of the Franco-German plan, and it should have been the greatest possible achievement, which would be the de facto recognition of Serbia, regardless of whether Serbia would formally recognize Kosovo or not. Kosovo would have its place, it would be freed from the burden of the conflict in the continuation of the European integration process. The EU insists on the normalization process because they want to integrate Kosovo into the entire structure of the international organization, and into the Union itself, which will never happen if Kosovo does not solve this problem," said Rama.

When asked if he thinks that Serbia benefits from this situation, he says that it is unfortunate that Pristina's approach helps Serbia, and not the so-called Kosovo, because it victimizes Serbia in the eyes of the entire international community.

"Serbia is playing a game, because the short-sighted politics of Pristina give it an opportunity," said Rama.

When asked if he discussed with the Ukrainian president the independence of the so-called of Kosovo, replies that "the road to the final recognition of Kosovo passes through Pristina".

"Undoubtedly, we talked about it with President Zelensky and we talk about it at all times with every leader who represents a country that has not recognized Kosovo, but on the other hand, we are very clear and convinced that the path to the final recognition of Kosovo does not go through Ukraine or Ghana, Nigeria, but passes through Pristina itself, which has to make an effort to the end, take advantage of the open road of great opportunity created by the Franco-German plan, with the support of the allies which I do not understand,” said Rama.

He also assessed that the efforts of "Serbia and Russia" to reopen the issue of the so-called of Kosovo in the United Nations. The so-called Kosovo won the war, he says, and the International Court confirmed it.

"These are vain, propaganda efforts, but they lead nowhere. Kosovo won the war, Kosovo was confirmed by the International Court of Justice itself, and it is irreversible. The point is that Kosovo is unable to win peace, to turn peace into a welfare that needs international confirmation and development in all directions," said Rama.


"Edi Rama, a weird man..."

Pristina politician Muharrem Nitaj pointed out the request of Rama for KFOR to take control of the north is the same as the request of the President of Serbia.

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