Petar Petković's address after arrests in Kosovo: Kurti started to implement threats

As many as three Serbs were arrested today on the territory of Kosovo.

Source: B92

First, in the morning hours, I.E was arrested in North Mitrovica, and D.M, who is a former member of the Kosovo Police, was arrested in Zvečan. Z. K. was arrested today in Prilužje, and after his arrest, the Kosovo police took him to Pristina.

Petar Petković, director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, addresses the public.

"Obviously, Kurti started to implement the threats after Brussels, when he said that "Serbs will pay" - began Petković.

"In North Mitrovica, an oncology patient was arrested this morning. In Zvečan, the police blocked off the whole of Zvečan, and then arrested the father of three children, the householder, and took him in the direction of Priština. They also arrested a third Serb, a 73-year-old man. They literally kidnapped him. Employees of the Pristina Elektrodistribucija also took part in this. They called him, he opened the door for them to allegedly check the meter. And at that moment, when he got out, a jeep with civilian plates came and three policemen literally ran him over and took him in the direction of Pristina. He added that Kurti's goal is to expel the Serbs from their centuries-old hearths and start a war.

"In the last two and a half months, the Serbs have literally done nothing to harm anyone. They have not attacked anyone. They live their lives the way they know how. Before leaving for Brussels, Kurti himself said that it is peaceful in the north," noted Petković, wondering if we know how the Serbs in Kosovo feel now, when they see the Kosovo formations arresting Serbs with long barrels.


"Edi Rama, a weird man..."

Pristina politician Muharrem Nitaj pointed out the request of Rama for KFOR to take control of the north is the same as the request of the President of Serbia.

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