Drama on Kosovo: Kurti's special forces members took to the streets with long barrels

Members of the so-called Kosovo police continue to mistreat citizens in Kosovo, while the latest incident took place in Kosovska Mitrovica, the media reports.

Source: Novosti

The local Mitrovica portal "Daj glas" announced that members of the so-called Kosovo police regulate traffic with long barrels.

As reported by this portal, the incident took place on the Iron Bridge near the tunnel in Mitrovica.

It was further announced that "citizens complained that some special police officers had no patience. Although they had the right to move, the wedding car remained waiting for several minutes".

The patience of the policemen quickly ran out, and two of them managed to stop the cars, so that they could pass.

"But what stands out is that one of the police officers got out of the vehicle holding a long barrel in his hand. The citizens did not like the "regulation" of traffic by exposing them to "terrible" weapons," says the article on the "Daj glas" portal.


"Kurti is the problem..."

President of Serbian Government's Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalović, said that Albin Kurti presents a problem for the international community.

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