"Kurti is the problem..."

President of Serbian Government's Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalović, said that Albin Kurti presents a problem for the international community.

Source: Kosovo online

President of the Serbian Government's Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalović, said that Albin Kurti presents a problem for the international community and political parties in Kosovo.

He also pointed out that Europe is powerless to force Pristina to fulfill what it signed, reports RTS.

"Kurti is trying to seize a part of Serbia's territory, that is his key goal. He has a problem on the domestic scene with everyone, he has a problem with the EU and the USA, as well as with the Serbs from the north. Every story is an attempt to turn around and not hear what on June 3rd he was ordered to do. Europe mentioned three points and a path to de-escalation, and he is turning things around," Odalović points out.

He states that Belgrade is rightfully angry with the international mediators who in a certain way equate Serbia and Kosovo in the escalation that occurred in the north.

He points out that there are no incidents in Kosovo caused by Serbs and that Kurti should withdraw special units and mayors as well as call for elections. Odalović points to Europe's powerlessness to force Pristina to do what it signed.

"Europe does not have the instruments to force them, small measures, sanctions have started, that is what worries the leaders of the other parties of the Kosovo Albanians," noted Odalović.

He pointed out that Kurti is obsessed with the north of Kosovo, but that he will not be able to last long and that he will have to form the CSM.

Speaking about the Berlin Process and the "Peace Highway" project, Odalović says that the Berlin Process is designed to support all the projects that bring them together.

"This is not the only project, it is very important when we have more and more problems with Pristina to send the message that one road - the road of peace will allow travelling, frequency and easy passage in both directions. The port of Durrës is very important, one of the hubs through which a significant part of the cargo can be organized," Odalović said.

He noted that it is important to overcome barriers.

"On this road, it is particularly important that twice a year on Merdare, convoys are formed, sometimes ten kilometers long, with vehicles from the diaspora, Albanians who work and live in the West, during the summer period and before the holidays. Then a collapse occurs. This is the way to overcome all problems, that the modern road that, I hope, will be continued from Merdare to the entrance to Pristina, across the entire area of Kosovo and Metohija to reach Albania and down to the Adriatic," says Odalović.

He states that these are merger projects, as well as that the "Open Balkans" initiative aims to send a message that Serbia wants both in passenger and rail traffic to connect and make everyone better off.

"There are certain political elites in the surrounding countries and in the area of Kosovo and Metohija who do not understand these messages and do not want to be part of such projects," Odalović added.

He also notes that these topics were opened when Kurti, as he says, did not exist on the political scene.


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