"Kurti's special forces entered Serbia again: They were armed to the teeth" VIDEO

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petković, held an extraordinary press conference today.

Source: Novosti

He addressed the citizens from the Government of Serbia.

"Kurti's so-called Kosovo police have again entered the territory of central Serbia, 500 meters from the administrative line. They have nothing to look for in the territory of central Serbia, and they entered armed to the teeth. I wanted to show you evidence that they are violating agreements. Today, the police officer from the Bujanovac station noticed a fast moving police vehicle of the so-called Kosovo Police towards the village of Breznica. That police vehicle was chasing a white van and from that road in the direction of the village of Breznica, that white vehicle turned and went in the direction of the village. When the so-called Kosovo police stopped them, they were spotted by members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kurti's police officers saw them and then they went into direction of Kosovo, i.e. towards Karačevo," said Petković.

After clarifying the event, he spoke about the video that was being broadcast in the background. It shows that the so-called Kosovo police entered the territory of Serbia. He added that the goal of such activities is to provoke Serbia.


"Kurti is the problem..."

President of Serbian Government's Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalović, said that Albin Kurti presents a problem for the international community.

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