Chaos continues: Another Serb arrested in Kosovo; The police issued a statement

A Serb was kidnapped in Leposavic in the early hours today, announced Telekom Srbija. Not long after, the news arrived about the dropped shock bomb in Zvečan.

Source: B92

In the north of Kosovo and Metohija, it is still very tense. The day began with the arrest of a Telekom Srbija employee, who, according to the company, was "abducted when he went to work" in Leposavic. The Office for Kosovo and Metohija made an urgent announcement.

As stated in their announcement, the arrest of Uroš V. from Leposavic is a continuation of the torture of Albin Kurti, who uses all means to provoke a conflict with the peaceful Serbian people.

He was arrested this morning around 8 o'clock, when he left the settlement of Tvrdjan, heading towards Leposavic, near a place called Bunker.

Residents of Leposavic gather near the municipal building and are visibly upset by the news that arrived this morning, reports Kosovo Online.

KFOR forces have been reinforced around Leposavic.

On Friday, Dalibor Spasić, a health worker, was arrested at the administrative crossing of Jarinje, and a day before that, a Serb was arrested in Leposavic, who is accused of an alleged attack on journalists.

Kosovo police announced that in the early hours of the morning, Serb U.V. from Leposavic was arrested, suspected of being involved in the attack on journalists.

According to the statement published on the Facebook account of the police, U.V. was arrested after "intensive investigations and obtained evidence of involvement in the attack on journalists in Leposavic on June 16".

"All further actions will be undertaken in cooperation and coordination with the judicial authorities," the police said in a statement.

They add that the Police will continue to maintain public order and peace and enforce the rule of law.


Kurti wants war at any cost

PM of temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, confirmed with the actions of arresting Serbs that he has one goal, that is to provoke a war at any cost.

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