Vučić: Nothing that happens today is accidental. I won't give you independent Kosovo

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended a large gathering in Pancevo and on that occasion invited the citizens to attend the meeting in Belgrade as well

Source: B92

The meeting is scheduled for May 26.

At the very beginning, Vučić thanked the gathered people.

"Thank you for being here today. In this number, they tried everything, to prevent the holding of the rally, to prevent people who think differently, to prevent those who just love their country. They did not succeed. Today our country is facing countless difficulties'', Vucic said.

As he pointed out, nothing that is happening today is by chance.

"They thought and expected us to hand them Kosovo on a platter. It's no coincidence that yesterday they stopped the Serbs and fined them, they say it's a mistake. Just don't make us always understand you when you make mistakes to our detriment. We have no choice, we are a small country, but we have one trait, which is to protect our own and not ask for anything else," he said.

He once again confirmed that today the Serbs have given a deadline of June 1 to stop the bullying and added that he is afraid that we will have to be even tougher in order to defend Serbia.

"I will not allow you to destroy Serbia. In the previous decade, we tried to fix things, look at Pancevo. More and more money is going to Pancevo. We have to do in the coming period, the school in Bavanište, Dubovac, Opovo, Sakulam, schools for children to show that we care for the future".

Vučić also referred to two large mass murders that took place in Serbia.

"We had two monstrous attacks in two days, in Belgrade and Smederevo and Mladenovac, and these tragedies shook our country so much that we were all in shock, sad, and grief-stricken. Once again, I express my condolences to the family. I saw that some people were not hurt at all".

Foto: Printskrin/ TV B92
Foto: Printskrin/ TV B92

He added that he received information from various services, including sister ones from the east, that these were attempts at color revolutions.

"I don't know what these attempts are, I only know that they are disgusting attempts to abuse the death of children, so that you become bigger, better and smarter for our people. And let me tell you - Serbia is fed up with your revolutions, and the arrival of some under foreign influence, and the destruction of Serbian factories and national interests. And when I say that, just look at the next thing. Is Kurti supporting you here tonight, or those who are going to harass people in Belgrade tonight, on Gazela. Who is Kurti standing behind? Behind those who are harassing citizens. Isn't it clear who protects the citizens of Serbia and their interests," said Vučić.

Vučić emphasized that he does not regret for a second, and that he will not give up on Serbia.

"Serbia is everything in the world to me. I won't give them Kosovo to be independent, nor to introduce sanctions".

He added that the people said that we are neutral, and that we will protect our country ourselves, and pointed out that he was proud to have said that in Pancevo.

"As the president of Serbia, I was the first to lead an independent policy, and I did not give up on our country. And you continue, hit, my shoulders are broad, but all of you together will not be able to break Serbia."

He explained that the opposition plans to come to power without elections.

He said that it was precisely those who are protesting about reality shows who introduced reality shows in Serbia.

"Shame on you, your leaders, who organize protests, you will give me a lecture".

He said that Serbia needs the broadest movement of the people, of all those who love Serbia, and invited everyone to come to Belgrade on May 26 in front of the Assembly.

"Not to show that there are more of us, but that we want a united, normal and decent Serbia, in which no one will kill and persecute anyone because of a different opinion. A free and libertarian Serbia, which the citizens of Serbia will organize according to their own measure, and not by anyone from the side. That's our message," he said.

Vučić added that he promises that by the end of 2025, the average salary will be more than 1,000 euros, and the pension will be 450 euros.

He emphasized that our country is developing faster than ever.

"I tried to go through every municipality and talk to everyone. Sometimes I agree with someone, or not, but I tell everyone the truth, and I always fought for their interests. And I am proud of these 10 years, of everything that we did together, and that I could serve you. I will never serve foreigners, not for a handful of dollars, not for a mountain of power. I only serve citizens, and that's why I tell you - no withdrawal, no surrender. Thank you endlessly for this wonderful support, I will never forget this," said Vučić.

At the very end, he told the gathered citizens to see each other in seven days in Belgrade.

"Everyone to Belgrade, long live Serbia," he concluded.


"Kurti's ultimate goal is..."

The ultimate goal of the prime minister of the temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, is for Kosovo and Metohija to be totally separated from Serbia.

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