Request of the so-called Kosovo for membership in the Council of Europe approved?

The request of the so-called Kosovo's application for admission to the Council of Europe was forwarded to the CoE Parliamentary Assembly for further procedure.

Source: B92, Kosovo online
Foto: Profimedia/Mustafa Yalcin / Anadolu Agency/ABACAPRESS.COM
Foto: Profimedia/Mustafa Yalcin / Anadolu Agency/ABACAPRESS.COM

This was decided at today's extraordinary session of the Committee of Ministers, confirmed for "Kosovo Online" the Head of the Mission of Serbia in the Council of Europe, Aleksandra Djurović.

Representatives of 33 countries voted for this decision, seven were against (Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus, Spain and Hungary), while five abstained (Greece, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Armenia did not vote.

Today's extraordinary meeting of CMCE was called at the insistence of Quint, above all Germany, which insisted that the application of Kosovo, which was submitted in May last year, finally be on the agenda.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the so-called Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla Schwartz, announced on her Twitter profile that Kosovo's request for admission to the Council of Europe was approved.

"Minutes ago, the Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe decided to pass on Kosovo's application to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe," she announced.

As she wrote, "a great coalition of democratic countries, small and large, has proven today that the Council of Europe continues to play a crucial role for liberty and peace in Europe".

Let us recall that Kosovo applied for membership in the Council of Europe on May 12, 2022.

Kosovo's application for membership in the CE is first considered by the Committee of Ministers, and after assessing the situation in Kosovo, the final word is given by the Parliamentary Assembly, which consists of national representatives of the member states. A two-thirds majority of votes is required for the admission of a country to the Council of Europe.


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