Vučić: In case of the attack on our people, our response will be fierce

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addressed the public tonight, and he spoke about all current topics, both domestic and international.

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Vučić spoke about how Serbia will manage in the new global, tectonic changes, about economic topics, about the Franco-German plan and Kosovo and Metohija, about relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the elections in Montenegro and about the new president of that country, Jakov Milatović.

About the Belgrade elections and the new movement

The President of Serbia points out that Dragan Djilas will get the holding of the Belgrade elections.

"You have to respect your political opponents. I will use my ferocity to help my party," said Vučić.

He emphasizes that he will invite all people to the new movement.

"We will try to create new momentum, new energy," he announced.

If our people are attacked, the response will be fierce

"Whoever thinks that we should go into conflict with NATO, I will tell him that he is not normal," he said and added:

"I don't long for a conflict with them, we don't need a conflict with the Western world. Even if we wanted to, we have no chance of winning it. The question is whether Russia has a chance."

"Everyone knows that if our people are attacked, our response will be fierce," said Vučić.

About the Franco-German plan

"One good thing about the Franco-German plan is that we should live side by side with the Albanians and not fight. Apart from that, there is no other good news. We will implement some of the provisions of the plan, some we won't. And I told them all to their face. And what should they say to me about that. They are trying something else - that we let them into some organizations, and for that you have to fulfill the CSM, without that, there is nothing. If they fulfill it, and they don't, it will be ours great success," he said.

"I think Kosovo will be in Serbia"

"I think Kosovo will be in Serbia and that's what I said in the Parliament. When I'm gone, ask someone else. And whether they left it to me "in Serbia", give the answer yourself.

"I think Kosovo will be in Serbia, although I think we will suffer a lot," he said.

He says that three Serbs escaped from the handcuffs at the Jarinje and Brnjak administrative crossings.

"They are arresting the guys most capable of opposing their activities in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, so that they can invade by force and rule that way. The West is silent. They want to hold some "local elections", and their only candidates are Kurti and Tachi party. The Serbs will not participate in those elections. Imagine that democracy where they come to tell us in Belgrade that "there is not enough democracy", and here the Serbs are to blame," said Vučić.

He recalled the statement of the American representative in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, in which he praises "democracy in (so-called) Kosovo" and the attitude of Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija towards sacred buildings.

"I guess because they burned and demolished them all. Paper suffers everything. How is it possible that the West can do all this, that Pristina releases Azem Kurtaj, who shot Serbian children, and arrests Ivan Todosijević for the truth about Račak", he added.

"Montenegro always has an extended hand from Serbia"

"Montenegro always has Serbia's hand extended, Mr. Milatović too. He is always welcome in Serbia. First he said Brussels, then Belgrade, then he said Brussels, then Slovenia, then Belgrade. Whatever he decides, he is welcome," he said.

"Everything they want to do together, we are ready to do together," he stressed.

"The war in Ukraine disrupted everything"

"First of all, I want to thank the citizens for their support. I just want to remind them that since 2014, we had the introduction of the most difficult measures... Then we had to go for consolidation measures," said Vučić at the beginning.

"And then the war in Ukraine came to disrupt the system of values and rules and to put us in an awkward situation in relations with Russia," he said.

Vucic: Greatest time in Serbian history


"This will be remembered as the best time. Generationally it will be much better. We are busy building infrastructure, building hospitals and clinical centers," said Vučić.

He points out that this is the time when the most construction is done. He also announced the completion of Block 3 in Kostolac.

"We have the largest foreign exchange reserves in the history of Serbia. I want people to know that. Our gold reserves are at their historical maximum," said Vučić.

He said that we wouldn't have electricity if we didn't keep the coal.

"Today there was a senator from Montana, a Republican and a very respectable man, who said that he congratulated me on my courage to keep coal. He said that if we didn't, we wouldn't have electricity, and remember that everyone was against it," Vučić said and pointed out that he is in favor of mining lithium.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that this period “will be remembered as the greatest time in Serbian history”, adding that pensions and salaries would continue rising.

According to him the average monthly pension would stand at 387 EUR by the end of the year up the current 323 EUR. He added that pensions would continue to rise to 424-434 EUR in 2024 and 450 EUR in 2025. Vucic recalled that the average pension stood at 203 EUR in 2012 when his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) came to power.


Vučić spoke up: I'm fine

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that he is fine and that he is going on a planned tour of the Zaječar district today.

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