New incident on the so-called Kosovo

Last night, Kosovo Police officers shot at an Audi car near a checkpoint in the village of Banje in the north of Kosovo, and then arrested five people.

Source: Kosovo online
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

As specified in the statement of the Kosovo Police on Facebook, the car did not stop at the signal of the policemen, and the policeman whose "life was threatened" was forced to shoot.

"While the police unit of the Kosovo Police was at the checkpoint in the village of Banje on the illegal road, performing its duties and legal powers in guaranteeing safety, an Audi jeep type vehicle approached. According to the procedures, the police officers at the checkpoint signaled the vehicle to stop for a routine inspection , but as soon as the suspect (the driver) noticed the police officers who signaled him to stop, he increased his speed in order to escape by directly endangering the lives of the police officers, while one of the police officers, in order to avoid the direct danger to the life and other police officers, was forced to open fire," the statement said.

As it was added, the Kosovo police then stopped two more cars on the same road, after which five people were detained.

"The competent police units stopped two more vehicles that arrived at that location, which are suspected to be connected to the suspect vehicle, in which there were five people, who were sent to the police station for an interview and further procedures in cooperation and coordination with the justice authorities," the statement of the Kosovo Police added, among other things.


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