Kurti: I wanted to sign the agreement, Vučić refused

Prime Minister of Pristina's interim institutions, Albin Kurti, said after the meeting in Brussels that he was ready to sign the agreement.

Source: Novosti
Tanjug/AP Photo/Virginia Mayo
Tanjug/AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

As he pointed out, the Serbian party refused.

"I expressed my willingness and interest to sign this text, but the Serbian side refused," Kurti said, adding that nothing was signed in Brussels.

As he stated, the confirmation of acceptance of the text should have ended with a signature, but the Serbian party did not do so.

According to him, today's meeting was constructive, but did not end with an agreement.

He added that there will be another meeting and talks with EU diplomats in the coming days.

"We had a positive, constructive meeting in Brussels and this meeting was a confirmation that the European proposal is acceptable and unchangeable. I said earlier that it is a good basis and now we will continue to discuss the implementation plan," said Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo.


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