Discussion on KiM, Day 2; Vučić: "You ask why I came... Because you called me" VIDEO

Members of the Serbian Parliament continued the discussion on the Kosovo issue on Friday.

Source: B92

On the agenda of the special Serbian Parliament session is the Government's "Report on the negotiation process with the institutions of temporary self-government in Pristina, from September 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023".

Presenting the Report, President Aleksandar Vučić said yesterday that the goal is an open conversation about the most difficult things we are facing, and not shifting responsibility.

"You're right when you say that we are paying the price in international relations because we did not introduce sanctions to Russia. Yes, we are paying it. So, it costs, and it's a high price, but until it costs us our national interests, until then we have to fight for our policy. We have chosen this path, the path of independent Serbia, which should make decisions in accordance with what happened to it in the past," he said.

"Neither the Russians nor the Americans interest me, I am completely obsessed with Serbia and the problems that Serbia has," he said. "I am always ready to sit down and tell you what the price is, and that it is the policy of your country, it is not my policy, it is the policy of the state authorities of this country," he explained. He said that Serbia should be firm as long as it can defend itself, and as he says, the pressure will certainly increase.

"I will never assume anything for Serbia. We will be guided by the interests of our country. And something that I did not promise lasts longer than all their heavy promises," he concluded. 

"You ask me why I came... Well, because you called me"

"You heard from at least a few speakers: why did you come to the Parliament, Vučić? Well, because you called me! Do you think there is something nice for me here? Do you think I heard some nice words about myself?" he said.

Members of the People's Party do not participate in the session on Kosovo and Metohija

The People's Party will not participate in the further discussion at the special session of the Serbian Parliament on Kosovo and Metohija, said the member of that party, Stefan Jovanović, citing the fact that, as he claims, the discussion has turned into a "circus show".

"The race around Kosovo did not start in 2012..."

"It's good for the citizens to hear and see... They are talking about an autocratic country where they are not allowed to say anything to me, and since this morning we have only heard insults that no president has ever heard," he added.

President of Serbia repeated that he is in favor of lithium because he believes that it is a great chance for that region.

He referred to yesterday's events in the Parliament and said that he was sitting the whole time and did not move, he just watched how they planned to cause an incident.

"The problem for me is that I cannot answer every lie," he said. In response to criticism that he did not negotiate well, he said that it was a serious matter.

"The race around Kosovo did not start in 2012, nor in 2004, nor in the nineties, it started much earlier. People can appreciate well what is possible and what is not. People know what is realistic. There are things you are limited by," he said.

The session is also attended by the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija


Kostić: Can Serbia bring a new platform?

"Do you believe that there is a possibility that Serbia will bring a new platform to solve the Kosovo issue", asked the Serbian president, MP Ivan Kostić, from the Dveri movement.

He said that the people of Kosovo, as well as the monks from the monasteries in Kosovo, should be consulted about the proposal.

President Vučić replied to Zvonimir Stević from the SPS that we must be aware that we are not choosing a platform for discussion and that there is nothing "sweet and nice" about the negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija and that this will not be the case in the future either.

"Today I see with us the same as with Kurti. Nothing can be discussed on a rational basis," said Vučić.

Vučić: People have to understand... It's not always a question of what's on paper

"You say - look at Vučić, you've been pretending for ten years - so yes, if I didn't negotiate we would recognize Kosovo. I'm not in favor of a frozen conflict, I don't think that's a solution. You said I came to give you lectures about non-paper. And I heard 24 factual lies and I didn't give a lecture, I just gave the definition in one sentence," he said.

"A couple of things I'd like to clarify... We have a saying that every time a worse proposal comes along. No, it's not a rule. People need to understand, and now I'm talking to people because of the nonsense I've heard earlier. People need to know that the issue is not always only what is written on paper, but also the issue of political momentum and the life around us," said Vučić at the beginning of his presentation.


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