Vučić: "I will never recognize the so-called Kosovo"

The special Serbian Parliament session whose agenda includes the report on the negotiations with Pristina from September 1, 2022 to January 15, 2023 is ongoing.

Source: Tanjug

President Aleksandar Vučić also attends the session.

Vučić said on Wednesday that he is not running away anywhere and that he has no problem with confronting his people and the parliament in order to answer every question, as was the case at the last Parliamentary session on Kosovo and Metohija, when, as he said, he listened to the worst insults and nastiness.

Vučić's answer to Zoran Lutovac

Vučić said that Zoran Lutovac from DS did not devote even 30 seconds to Kosovo and Metohija and that Lutovac believes that the rules of procedure are more important than Kosovo and Metohija.

Vučić says that he is participating in the debate for the fourth time and listening to insults.

"My most difficult qualification when you lynched people was that you were 'savages,'" said Vučić.

He says that he always took care not to call those who destroyed Serbia to national unity.

"You live well, you don't have any problems. You go to the assembly once a month. You say whatever comes to your mind, and you have destroyed the country. You have destroyed the Community of Serbia and Montenegro, remained silent on the pogrom of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, on the declaration of independence..." , Vucic said.

He says that in 2000 they told us that Kosovo and Metohija were a democratic issue.

"Do you know anyone in the whole world who respects you?" Vučić asked Lutovac.

Vučić said that nobody in the parliament was interested in anything today except self-promotion and attacks on him.

"In your time, you did not bring any president to the parliament to answer to the MPs," Vučić reminded.

Vučić said that someone has been deceiving us for 10 years and will not form the CSM, even though the EU is the guarantor.

"Serbia needs people who have a policy and a program. The fact that you hate me is your problem. Only you have that problem. I don't have it. I wish you good health and success in politics, even if you skip the 5 percent census," said Vučić to Lutovac.

Lutovac said that he does not hate Vučić, but that he "despise" him.

"Are you going to cut the hair of the children of political dissidents again? Revenge is your middle name. You cut a child's hair with scissors and a knife," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that he mistakenly thought that when someone lies, all normal people know that they are lying.

"They repeat it 500 times a day and then I see that some people really believe in that nonsense," said Vučić.

Vučić said that Nenad Rašić and Rada Trajković supported the construction of the Albanian military base in Dren.

"Why didn't you say that? Tricks don't work with me," said Vučić.

President Vučić, responding to the words of the representative of the Dveri Parliamentary Club, Boško Obradović, said that it was members of the opposition who "betrayed Kosovo".

"I will not allow Kosovo to enter the UN... Unlike you, I will never allow it," said the President of Serbia and criticized the opposition representatives for damaging the parliamentary benches.

Vucic at one point accused the opposition of "the unbearable ease of irresponsibility".


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