Mali: "Losers always resort to violence" PHOTO

Finance Minister, Siniša Mali commented on the opposition's attack on Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

Source: B92
Foto: Printskrin/mali_sinisa
Foto: Printskrin/mali_sinisa

"Brain is better than brawn. But losers always resort to 'strength', not to say violence, as they are powerless to achieve any result with their personal efforts," Mali wrote on his Instagram profile.

He strongly condemned today's "unparliamentary behavior of MPs in Assembly of Serbia".

"Attempt of violence in the presence of President Aleksandar Vučić. I am ashamed on their behalf because of the images that came from the institution where the president explained one of the most important issues for Serbia, the issue of the status of Kosovo and Metohija. President, you will always have the support of your associates, but also the citizens of Serbia to continue working in the interest of our country. The low impulses of the opposition are a confirmation that you are on the right path and it only reflects the impotence of your opponents that will never reach the results you had achieved".

"The mind rules! We are with you", he pointed out.


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