Albanian extremists lost their compass: They draw targets on Vučić family members

Self-determination MP Armend Muja published a list of Serbs to be arrested, including son of President of Serbia, Danilo, as well as his brother, Andrej Vučić.

Source: B92
Foto: Printscreen/Gazeta Express
Foto: Printscreen/Gazeta Express

Albanian extremists lost their compass; They draw targets on Vučić family members and put them on the "kill list".

How much of a nuisance are the Serbs and President Aleksandar Vučić to the Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo's Albin Kurti is also evident by the fact that they named president's son, Danilo Vučić, as the main target "for arrest".

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petković, said today that the latest list for the arrest of the most prominent Serbs, which also includes the closest members of the Vučić family, is a frightening drawing of a target on the forehead of the brother and son of the President of Serbia.

"The only thing left is for Kurti to declare the still-minor son of President Vucic Vukan a criminal and put him on his list to be killed. This is another proof that there are lists for the persecution of Serbs that are made in Pristina. It is obvious that Kurti only knows about the arrests and murders of Serbs as his methods of action," said Petković.

Just to recall, Muja, who is in the same political party as Kurti, published a list of Serbs who should be arrested earlier today.

Self-determination MP Armend Muja published a list with the names of "Serbian criminal organizations" and their leaders, demanding their arrest:

1. Civil protection, which was formed by Goran Rakić, Igor Simić, Slavko Simić, Miloš Perović, Nenad Djurić and Stevan Pavićević.

2. North Brigade, formed by Andrej Vučić (brother of President Aleksandar Vučić), Milan Radoičić, Zvonko Veselinović and Radule Stević.

3. Extremist right-wing organizations linked to Russia, SPC and SANU, People's Patrol, (Damjan Knežević, Danilo Vučić - son of the President of Serbia and Aleksandar Filipović).

It is known that the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, his brother Andrej, son Danilo, Minister of Internal Affairs Bratislav Gašić and BIA chief Aleksandar Vulin play those games, according to Kurti's deputy.

He pointed out that the North Brigade and Civil Protection should be declared terrorist organizations, because their leaders are behind the installation of barricades.

"Our citizens in the north continuously inform that the main operatives of these armed gangs behind the barricades are Milan Radojičić, Zvonko Veselinović, Radule Stević, Aleksandar Filipović, Nenad Djurić, Marjan Radojević, Miloš Milovanović, Vladimir Radivojević-Mami, Marko Vukašinović, Lazar Radenković, Milorad Jevtić, Nemanja Jevremović, Srdjan Vulović, Dejan Vulović, Vladica Jovanović, Dragan Radulović, Ivan Aksentijević, Miloš Vlašković, Slobodan Vučinić, Zoran Stevanović, Milan Kompirović, Radovan Radić, Ivo Vučinić, Zvezdan Milojević and Goran Živković".

Muja added that those individuals have criminal past and that they will have to be brought to justice.


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