Vučić: "Another note on the derecognition of Kosovo; difficult decisions ahead of us"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public from New York, where he is participating in the General Debate of World Leaders at the UN.

Source: B92
Instagram/ buducnostsrbijeav
Instagram/ buducnostsrbijeav

Speaking of the gloomy forecast that is, addressing the General Debate of World Leaders presented by United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Vučić said that he is afraid that realistic forecasts are even darker.

"I think that the realistic forecasts must be even darker, of course the most talked about is Ukraine, but it will get even more difficult," said Vučić.

"Of course, for Serbia, the position is even more difficult in the sense that the UN plays weaker role in the world, because the big powers have taken everything upon themselves and de facto destroyed the UN order in the past few decades," said Vučić.

"This is a big gathering, over one hundred and fifty leaders, which means that people are looking for some way out and some hope," he added.

"A difficult time for everyone, including our country is ahead of us," he said.

"We will be taking important decision in the next seven to ten days. and I believe I will inform the public about certain measures and decisions important to the future of Serbia next week," Vučić emphasized.

When asked what he expected Putin to say in the announced address, he said that it is not difficult to assume that we are approaching a world conflict.

“It is not difficult to guess what President Putin will say in general terms. I assume that from the stage of a special military operation we are approaching a major war conflict and now the question is where are the borders and whether we will go after some time, maybe already in a month or two into a major world conflict the likes of which we haven’t had since World War II,” Vučić emphasized.

“They said that they don’t need so-called Kosovo to be in the UN to join the Council of Europe. That is added pressure on Serbia to accept papers that don’t exist and which we can’t discuss and which I luckily did not take so I can’t be accused of leaking them,” he said commenting the alleged draft agreement which was published by the Albanian Post portal.

He said he had good news for the Serbian citizens. “I received another note that a country is revoking its recognition of Kosovo,” adding that this strengthened Serbia’s position in the UN.

“They will be surprised by the number of countries that think differently and the clear majority that we have in bodies such as the UN,” he said.

He added that Serbia continues to seek compromise solutions, but also to strengthen economic cooperation with the USA, and that this is important for our country. "Just as we try to maintain good relations with Russia and China. That is the only policy we can have", adding that Serbia cannot just support one side because of the situation with Kosovo.

“We have to be everywhere and fight for the life of the country and the people and that is why we are being rational, serious and responsible. We have to be everywhere, because we are fighting for the mere existence of our people and our country," said Vučić.

Vučić said that the EU has announced support for some countries that are behaving irresponsibly.

"We also have to have their support, because we behaved responsibly. Respect those who did good work. You can't help one, but everyone, and that's what I agreed with Rama, Abazović, Vjosa Osmani, Džaferović will also be there tonight. I will also have meetings with Lajcak, Guterres, with Congressman Swalwell. Lots of work today, and then a meeting with friends Grenell and Kushner. It's only the beginning of the day here, but to repeat, good news for the people of Serbia, another folder in our state safe for yet another derecognition", Vučić concluded.


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