Parliamentary session on Kosovo-Metohija ended after 10 hours

Vučić: "Serbia will never agree that the so-called Kosovo become a member of the UN"

Source: B92

The session, as the President of Parliament said, will be continued tomorrow at 10.00 a.m.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic informed Serbian Parliament that he will send a letter to the presidents of Russia and China asking them to veto Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations (UN).

In the end of today's session, Vučić asked all parliamentary groups to vote for the report, so that Serbia could send a prettier image to the world.

"We always supported each other about Kosovo, so we should go out as united as possible. No one has anything to say against the report, please think about the report once again," President said.

"This is not the issue of Kosovo, but of the future of Serbia"

President of SPS Ivica Dacic said that, if we went to the past, then we will come across the Kosovo battle and asked ourselves if we should murder Murat or let him go to Vienna and Budapest, because they are the ones we defended back then, yet they recognized the so-called Kosovo as an "independent state".

"Notwithstanding all controversy tones, I have to be very disappointed by the uncertainty of the situation around Kosovo. I can't understand that people cannot comprehend that this is not the issue of Kosovo, but Serbia and its future" said Dacic.

He pointed out that Kosovo is "a great thought for Serbia, pertaining to Serbian roots, migrations, but also for Serbian divisions, and the purpose of today's session is for us to be able to "realistically look at the situation we are in right now".

Vučić says that Dacic told Turkey's President, Rexhep Tajip Erdogan in joking that Serbs were Europe's last defense, and they did not return this favor to us.

"The next time you are resolved to conquer Europe again, just call us three days earlier, we will let you pass, we won't keep you here", Vucic recounted Dacic's words.


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