Republic Election Commission (RIK) announces election results: Vucic and SNS lead

Presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Serbia, while citizens elected new leadership in 12 local governments.

Source: Tanjug

Based on 89.68 percent of polling stations processed by the Republic Election Commission (RIK), the coalition gathered around the SNS "Together we can do everything" won the most votes in the parliamentary elections, with 43.67 percent.

Turnout is based on 89.68 percent of polling stations, 58.44 percent, it was announced on the RIK website at 7.15 a.m.

According to those data, the coalition "United for Serbia's Victory" is second, winning 12.89 percent, and the list "Ivica Dacic - Prime Minister" is on the third place with 11.72 percent of votes.

The NADA coalition won 5.23 percent, We Must (Moramo) 4.25 percent, Dveri won 3.85 percent, and Oathkeepers (Zavetnici) won 3.76 percent of votes.

The other parties, including the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) did not cross the 3 percent threshold required to win seats in parliament (Sovereignists - 2.23%, SRS - 2.18%, Let’s Go People - 1.65%, Kidnapped Babies Ana Pejić - 0.8%).

When it comes to national minority lists, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians currently has 1.75 percent, the Mufti's legacy 0.97 percent, Together for Vojvodina 0.63 percent, SDA Sandzak 0.59 percent, Alternative for Change 0.1 percent, Coalition of Albanians 0,29 percent, the Roma Party 0.17 percent and the Russian Minority Alliance 0.25 percent.

Republic Election Commission publishes the results of the elections in real time based on the received data from the polling stations on its website.


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