Biden sanctions every politician who calls for the creation of a Greater Albania

U.S. Institute for Foreign Policy "John Hopkins" published a report in which it claims everyone who advocates for a Greater Albania will be sanctioned.

Source: Gracanica Online
EPA/Alex Edelman / POOL
EPA/Alex Edelman / POOL

A report released today by the American Institute states that the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden will sanction every political leader in Albania and Kosovo who calls for the unification of these two countries.

The report, which explains the current situation in the Balkans, especially emphasizes the relations between the so-called Kosovo and Serbia, Albanian-language media reported.

"The Biden administration has appointed a special envoy to sanction any politician who promotes or calls for the unification of Albania and Kosovo," the report said.

Further, the report says, a detailed plan is explained in order for the so-called Kosovo to get closer to the West, stressing that European Union countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo, if they change their position, will be key to creating regional stability.

According to the American report, they will move the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina from their current position. "There are extensive negotiations with Greece over the recognition of Kosovo, which would pave the way for Kosovo to become a member of NATO," the report said, warning that "growing Russian and Chinese influence in the Balkans is alarming."

The report emphasizes that Kosovo needs the recognition of four NATO members, Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Greece, but also Cyprus, which is not a member of NATO but is a member of European Union, and that their recognition would "transform" the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

"Convincing these countries to recognize Kosovo is not so easy," the report of the American Institute for Foreign Policy "John Hopkins" concludes.


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