Serbia voted in favor of amending the Constitution which governs the judiciary VIDEO

At the referendum, the citizens of Serbia declared that they are in favor of confirming the Act Amending the Constitution in the field of justice.

Source: B92

Preliminary results showed that 60.48 percent of the vote was in favor of adopting the amendments to the constitution.

President of Serbia said that 39.52 percent of the voters who turned out for the referendum said no to the amendments. reported on all the information about the vote and the results from minute to minute.

Serbian Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) said late on Sunday night that just over 30 percent of the electorate turned out for the referendum on amendments to the constitution with a majority voting yes.

30.63 percent of eligible voters turned out for the referendum according to the count at 10.30 pm.

RIK said that 1.04 percent of the ballots were invalid, whereas 61.84 percent of the voters who turned out voted yes and 37.1 percent voted no.

555.338 voters voted at the processed polling stations.

President stated that in the region of Central Serbia, 66.48 percent of all those who voted on the referendum voted for the changes.

In Vojvodina, 60.3 percent of voters supported the amendments, and in Belgrade, 45.4 percent voted for the amendments.

He stated that the difference is around 400.000 votes, or 20 percent, between those who voted "yes" and those who voted "no".


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