Referendum in Serbia: The Republic Electoral Commission spoke up; New turnout data

At the referendum, Serbian citizens declare whether they are in favor of confirming the Act Amending the Constitution in the field of justice.

Source: B92

Polling stations for the National Referendum on the Act Amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia are open at 7 a.m. and will be closed at 8 p.m.

The citizens of Serbia are deciding on the change of the Constitution in the field of justice, proposed by the Government of Serbia in order to ensure greater independence, efficiency and responsibility of the judiciary, greater independence and responsibility of the public prosecutor's office, better protection of citizens' rights and strengthening the rule of law.

The amendments envisaged by the Act amending the Constitution refer only to the judiciary and do not change other parts of the Constitution.

The Republic Electoral Commission (REC) determined that there are 6.510.323 voters in Serbia, for all local self-government units and in all places.

Voters from Kosovo and Metohija, since Pristina did not allow Serbs to vote in the referendum, can exercise their right at polling stations in four cities in central Serbia - Kursumlija, Raska, Novi Pazar and Vranje.


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