"Thaci told me they will not allow us to establish Greater Albania"

President of the Unification Movement, Valon Murati, said that in 2010 he talked with the then Prime Minister Hashim Thaci about the unity of Kosovo and Albania

Source: Kosovo online
Foto: EPA-EFE/Jerry Lampen
Foto: EPA-EFE/Jerry Lampen

According to him, Thaci told him then that the United States does not allow that, reports the Reporters portal.

Murati told T7 that he then presented his unification platform to Thaci.

"When the unification movement made a platform, one of the people I met was Thaci. I talked to him about redefining the borders. He told me then that he thought the same, but that the Americans would not allow us to do that," Murati said.

He believes that the issue would have been thought differently if it had been raised five years ago.


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