"Kurti needs a henchman. Their only goal is to seize northern Kosovo by force."

President of the Assembly Committee for KiM, Milovan Drecun, stated it is clear that Albin Kurti "cannot get out of the cloak of the criminal organization KLA".

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Predrag Lasica
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Predrag Lasica

It should be known that he belongs to an organized criminal clan. His uncle is Adem Jashari, who was killed in clashes with our security forces, but it is especially interesting that Bashkim Jashari was one of the zone commanders in the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) since 2003, and that he was suspected of some criminal activities back then", Drecun told RTS.

He pointed out that "it is very problematic for such a person to come to the head of their so-called future army", i.e. Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

What is known about Jashari is exclusively negative, says Drecun and points out that interim institutions in Pristina are trying to create an image of the KSF as a kind of multiethnic formation, and at the same time bring to the forefront a man who is ready to do anything against interests of Serbian people.

"The KSF is a continuation of the terrorist Liberation Army of Kosovo, under new name. After the arrival of international forces, the commitment under Resolution 1244 was to demobilize the KLA. Instead, they merely disguised 5.000 members in the uniforms of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), which was organized in the same way as the KLA, in the same areas of responsibility. The successor to the KPC is actually the KSF", Drecun said.

He emphasized that after the appointment of Jashari, it is clear that Kurti needs a henchman to carry out the activities he plans in the coming period, especially in the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

"They are working intensively to arm the KSF, which they are turning into a Kosovo army according to a 10-year plan. They have very active operational plans for action and incursion of that formation into northern Kosovo. Their only goal is to try to seize northern Kosovo by force," Drecun concluded.


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