Dacic is calling a referendum on changing the Constitution of Serbia

Tonight, the President of the Assembly, Ivica Dačić, will call a referendum on changing the Constitution of Serbia.

Source: B92, Tanjug

As previously announced by the Speaker of the National Assembly, the referendum will most likely be announced for January 16.

The House of the National Assembly is holding a joint debate on the Draft Act amending the Constitution of Serbia, the Draft Constitutional Law for the implementation of that Act and the Draft Decision on calling a referendum to confirm the Act amending the Constitution, the adoption of which should enable changes to the Constitution.

The session, which started at 1 p.m., is also attended by the Minister of Justice Maja Popović, who expressed expectation that today the parliament will adopt all proposals so that the Constitution can be changed, about which the citizens will give the final judgment in a referendum.

MPs are discussing a proposal to change the Constitution and call a referendum. Minister of Justice said that she firmly believes that today the Assembly of Serbia will adopt the Act on changing the Constitution and the Constitutional Law for its implementation by a two-thirds majority, which, she says, is important for the citizens of Serbia not only because the EU or some international organization demands it.

"I expect that the EC will appreciate the progress of Serbia," Maja Popović emphasized. She added that the change of the Constitution in the field of justice is a condition for further reform of the legal system, which will, among other things, enable better assessments and Serbia's progress in the European integration process.

Minister Popović reminded of the reasons for the changes to the Constitution, which aim, among other things, to increase the legal security of citizens, legal protection and trial within a reasonable time.


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