"This time you crossed the line"

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Petar Petković issued a statement.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

Petkovic says that Rapporteur of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, tried to relativize violence against Serbs in northern Kosovo.

"In his dangerous relativisation of the violence of Pristina and Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti, on the north of the Province, Rapporteur of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, this time crossed the line, accusing Serbs that they are to blame for more than 100 warp bullets and countless cartridges of tear gas and shock bombs that have been thrown at them", Petkovic stated.

Petkovic asked whether Srećko Sofronijević, who was shot during the Kosovo Police raid was "guilty for trying to protect his wife and two kids", as well as whether those are "European values ​​to which Viola von Cramon is committed."

"If Mrs von Cramon truly advocates European values, she would carefully hear the statement of European Diplomacy Chief Josep Borrell, who openly condemned the unilateral violent actions of Pristina and stated that they were not coordinated," Petković said. He assessed that "it is more than obvious that her boss is not in Brussels, but in Pristina."

The European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Kosovo Viola von Cramon said today "that maybe excessive force was used... It can be criticized" but, on the other hand, we could doubt that it can be considered as "disproportional use of force, because it was directed against Albanian citizens as well".

"But anyway, in order to put an end to this problem, intervention is needed, these actions did not only happen in the north, but in other parts of Kosovo, and no one demanded those operations to be disrupted. There is a problem with organized crime, with corruption and smuggling, and Kosovo authorities decide when and where they will use police force", von Cramon concluded.

Marko Djuric also reacted

By claiming that terror of Pristina special units is "welcome and the necessary action", Viola von Cramon will enter into the annals of unscrupulousness, said today the Deputy Prime Minister of the Serbian Progressive Party, Marko Djurić.

"Instead of alerting European and world public as the rapporteur of Kosovo, which as direct consequence had, due to the use of chemicals, that 71-year-old Verica Djelić from Zvecan passed away, while 35 years Srećko Sofronijević was shot with a warp ammunition in his own yard, von Cramon produces transparent lies of those who committed that crime", Marko Djurić said.

He added that, completely contrary to the UN Report, publicly disclosed by Zahir Tanin at the Security Council UN session, in which it is said that this is clearly a sided action that was not coordinated with international missions and which caused dangerous escalation with consequences to civilians, von Cramon knowingly ignores the blood of innocent civilians that has been spilled.

"Instead of the EU parliamentary, the action that was conducted with the key provisions of the Brussels Agreement, relating to the functions and ethnic structure of the KPS North, in a sided way, is criticized by the Vice President of EU Josep Borrell, who pointed to the dangers of unilateral action", Djuric said. Namely, he adds that von Cramon decided that few Serbs, which still resides in Kosovo, must be "bad guys" while, as it says, "her guy Kurti must be good even when killing."

"Congratulation on your courage," said Djuric. He reminded that von Cramon remained silent in her statements that some Serbs were killed and severely wounded, while her favorite in Kosovo were celebrating as legitimate and needed heavy arms in ordinary pharmacies, to arrest drugs.

"Political passions and lobbying support are a very toxic combination. In the event of an unfortunate Viola von Cramon, cynicism and bias are no more an exception but an iron rule. However, isn't it time that there's certain line that should not be crossed in the bias of their rapporteur?", Djuric concluded.


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