Kosovo police issued a statement

In the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, the actions of the Kosovo Police are currently underway, and the citizens gathered and blocked Kneza Miloša Street.

Source: Kosovo online
Ilustracija, Foto: EPA-EFE/ STRINGER
Ilustracija, Foto: EPA-EFE/ STRINGER

Kosovo police issued a statement saying that they "started police operations in the early morning hours in order to realize strategic goals in the prevention of criminal acts, especially in the fight against smuggling of goods."

According to the statement, "the action is being carried out in the region of Pristina, Pec, South and North Mitrovica," Kosovo Online reports. "All police actions are carried out in coordination with the competent prosecutor's offices and courts, and relate to checks and searches at various locations such as houses, residential, business premises, warehouses. As a result of intensive actions and professional actions of the Kosovo police and customs, up to the present moment, a variety of goods have been seized as evidence", the statement said.

Kosovo Police also stated that "in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities, they will continue to implement their duties and responsibilities at the national level, in order to prevent criminal activities, put an end to the smuggling of goods and destroy criminal groups."


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