Serbia's response to "unification of Albania and Kosovo"

Interior Minister and Socialist Movement President Aleksandar Vulin said Serbian unity presents the only barrier to "Greater Albania".

Source: Tanjug
EPA-EFE/Marko Djokovic
EPA-EFE/Marko Djokovic

With this statement, he reacted to the statement of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama that the goal of his political career is to "unite Albania with Kosovo".

When the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, says that the main task of his political career is "the unification of Albania with Kosovo", all Balkan countries are silent, UNMIK, which controls Kosovo and Metohija according to Resolution 1244, is silent, and the EU will not issue its famous statements calling for "both sides to show restraint".

When I, not in the capacity of Prime Minister of Serbia, but on my own behalf, call for the political unity of all Serbs and say that the task of my generation is to create a "Serbian world", then the whole region reacts to that, and the EU has something to say", Vulin said.

"Because everyone is silent about" Greater Albania ", Serbs must speak. Everything that is allowed to Shiptars will not be banned to the Serbs.

The only barrier to "Greater Albania" and the only force that will enable Serbs not to make decisions influenced by others is Serbian political unity and the creation of a "Serbian world". I hope that everyone who is silent about Rama's aspiration to create a "Greater Albania" will be silent when we Serbs talk about the "Serbian world", Vulin said, as Socialist Movement announced.


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