Vučić: "I am someone they wouldn't like to see in power in Serbia"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, commented on the claims of the opposition that he does not want to argue with anti-vaxxers due to the upcoming elections.

Source: B92

"I think I have always had a serious attitude on that issue. Vaccination is the most important," he said.

He added that he managed to convince many to get vaccinated, but that he could not do everything.

"We have provided various types of vaccines. Moderna - the fifth vaccine will arrive soon," he emphasized and added that our production of the Russian vaccine will soon appear, and then the Chinese one produced locally.

"I never do anything for the elections. That's what people who start from themselves say. They have been saying for four years that we are constantly in the campaign. I don't see Serbia as it will look in March, but as it will look like in 2025, 2030, because I'm more interested in Serbia than who will be in power", Vučić was clear.

He also said: "I am strongly in favor of the vaccination, but I can't violate the supreme legislative act. I can't lock people in the ghetto because they didn't want to be vaccinated. I can't force soldiers to get vaccinated, and there are 15-18% who have not been vaccinated yet".

About the statement of Sasa Jankovic

Commenting on the results of Serbia, he said that Serbia has overtaken Montenegro.

"What would this suit someone? We have everything that a country needs," said Vučić and emphasized that he does not deal with neighbors, but that it is normal to measure results, as well as to cooperate with each other.

President Vučić commented on Sasa Janković's statements and the claims that he "works for him".

"I neither saw him nor heard from him. He received the most votes after me in the presidential election. This is planning a coup d'etat that he described. It is important to me here that you just see that this is true. He heard it from several ambassadors", he said, adding that he was "proud that Serbia today does not look like the country from 2008, when the ambassadors decided who would be appointed minister".

"When an ambassador comes to a country, he works for the interests of his country. Why do you think they want the best for us? Well, they don't", president concluded. "They cannot understand that Serbia has become a sovereign, independent state."

Vučić emphasized that people have their own ideas and ambitions.

"Sometimes they are realistic and make sense, and sometimes they don't," he said.

About the anti-Serbian campaign in the Croatian media

"Is it my sin? What did I say badly about Croatia and Milanovic? They made up that I called on Serbs to hang flags. They made a campaign based on false statements. I have no intention of justifying myself. I don't mind Milanovic calling his own citizens to hang flags", Aleksandar Vučić said.

Commenting on Vulin's phrase "Serbian world", he says that it should unite Serbs spiritually.

"If I had spoken like Milanovic, they would have hanged me in Belgrade or Zagreb."

Referring to the statements of Croatian President Zoran Milanovic and the implementation of the anti-Serbian campaign in the Croatian media, the president says that he "understands that".

"I am someone they would not like to be in power in Serbia, I understand that," he says, adding that they thought that by joining the EU, they would become a "focal center".

"Serbia has over 33 billion in 2013, Croatia had 15 or 16 billion more. At the end of this year, we will be at 51, they at around 52. And they receive much more EU funds", he said.

He also stated that it is important that we continue with our progress and not respond to such things.

"They've got an enemy. I am proud that there is no such campaign in Serbia. Per capita, Croatia is richer than us, but the difference is getting smaller," he says.

"God has given them a fantastic coast," he says, adding that this is not an advantage because "the strongest European countries do not have access to the sea."

"I think it's nice to be a Serb, a Croat and an Albanian, but to have good leadership and preserve your own history."


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