Serbs from Kosovo heading towards the crossings VIDEO

Igor Simić from the Serbian List says that Serbs are angry because of Pristina's move to send ROSU units to the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Nada B
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Nada B

He told the morning program of TV Prva that Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija are deeply upset because Pristina sent over 20 vehicles of special forces units, armed to the teeth. According to him, they are angry and are currently driving towards the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak.

According to the latest information transmitted by Simić, there are currently about 300 Serb vehicles in Jarinje and more than 100 at the Brnjak administrative crossing. "Both traffic lanes are blocked and the traffic is blocked," he said, adding that urgent consultations of the members of the Serbian List were held this morning.

"We call on our citizens to be restrained and not to fall prey to provocations, because this is a provocation of Pristina, we assume that Serbs would be restricted in their freedom of movement by confiscating license plates from Serbia," Simic said.

He points out that he appeals for peace, but that there are more and more citizens and that they are "angry". "There are already 300 Serb vehicles on Jarinje, and more than 100 on Brnjak," he added.


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