Serbia's response to Pristina: You are planning in vain

Head of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Petar Petković stated it was in vain for the politicians from Priština to make any secret plans to conquer the north.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, such a scenario is doomed. He also told Pristina that it is better to approach the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities (CSMs), because that is the only plan that has a future when it comes to the Serbian environment in Kosovo and Metohija, the Office announced.

"Just as no one will be able to shut down Serb communities south of Ibar and assimilate Serbs living there. We will continue to be present wherever the Serbian people are, to invest, build and work in Serbian communities," Petkovic said.

He reacted to provocations from Pristina threatening that they would increase the military, security or police presence in the north of the province, and told Albanian politicians not to try to threaten people, let alone carry out such actions because Belgrade will not allow it.

"Belgrade is ready to resolve all open issues with Pristina in dialogue and at the negotiating table, and instead of a constructive hand of cooperation, Albanian politicians are calling for armed conflicts and threats. It is not possible to build coexistence and a basis for normalization of relations in such environment," Petkovic said.


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