"The Kosovo battle represents nothing but a chauvinistic orgy... It's a lie"

Historian Yusuf Buxhovi said the monument on Gazimestan must be redefined "in accordance with the historical truth, outside the Serbian hegemonic iconography".

Source: Kosovo online

According to him, this means announcing an international competition for a memorial that will reflect the role of the Dardanian factor in the Middle Ages within feudal formations that were equal factors in the devastated area of Byzantium in the circumstances before the schism of Christianity.

In a post on Facebook, Buxhovi stated that the historical and cultural sovereignty of Kosovo is threatened by Ahtisaari's plan and the Serbian Orthodox Church, and that the state of Kosovo should stop the "pilgrimages" to Kosovo connected with Vidovdan.

He pointed out that the Kosovo battle "in accordance with the hegemonic concept of Belgrade, represents nothing but a chauvinistic orgy", with which Serbia should end once and for all, and that there are two reasons for that.

"The first is to protect Kosovo's sovereignty and state integrity from the vandalism that has been repeated every June for the past twenty years since Kosovo was liberated from Serbian occupation, which means liberation from iconography that relies on forging the myth such as the Battle of Kosovo", Buxhovi stated in the post.

The second reason, as he stated, is that he interprets the Battle of Kosovo (1389) as Serbian historiography, without scientific argumentation, as a Serbian battle against the Ottomans, including Illyrian Christians, because Serbia and the Serbian medieval state did not exist then, like Belgrade propagating, relying on lies and fabricated facts".

"It is a lie which, unfortunately, is also accepted by a good part of the historical institutions in Tirana and Pristina," Buxhovi stated.

He emphasized that Kosovo can "defend state sovereignty and protect the historical truth from flagrant abuse" by declaring the Gazimestan complex a monument of Kosovo's cultural and historical heritage.


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