Kurti: Community of Serbian municipalities? No way

Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo, Albin Kurti reiterated that Kosovo cannot form community on ethnic grounds, as ruled by the Constitutional Court in 2015

Source: Kosovo online

Kurti said for "Kosovo Press" that the formation of Community of Serbian Municipalities is not possible, commenting on yesterday's statement of the US Ambassador Philip Kosnett that Pristina has the obligation to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities, reports the Pristina Koha.

"I don't think that in the legal and constitutional order of Kosovo, an association on an ethnic basis is possible. There can be a community of municipalities on a development basis, it can be on a geographical basis, like the mountain association 'Rugovo'. It is simply not possible according to the Kosovo Constitution. Practically, something like that was said by the verdict of the Constitutional Court published on December 23, 2015", said Kurti.

He added that Kosovo supports the rights of minorities and is against marginalization or discrimination.

"It seems to me that the demand for ethnic unification, which has been present for almost a decade, does not come from ordinary people, but from politicians and our northern neighbors," Kurti said.

Kosnett stated that Kosovo has an obligation to establish a CSM and that both sides in the dialogue have an obligation to respect the agreements and obligations reached so far.


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